2048 1.0

Dynamic play and higher-scoring potentia

Grab yourself a new go-to game for when you've got a few moments spare with 2048, a tile-based puzzler from Androbaby. Highly addictive and instantly entertaining, this updated version of the popular puzzle game offers unique new levels and extra features to help test your grey matter harder than ever before. Rated PEGI 3, this game is suitable for all ages, although more mature players will find the taxing levels and high-score accolades most rewarding.

This upgraded version of 2048 features new levels and bigger game boards for more dynamic play and higher-scoring potential. You can try your luck on the classic 4x4 board, or go bigger with the 5x5 and 6x6 game boards for when you're looking to play for longer. For the ultimate test, unleash your skills on the massive 8x8 board, letting players really reach for the sky with limitless point-scoring potential.

Simply swipe titles about the board until you make a match. Once two tiles of the same value meet, they'll merge into one, clearing the board as players inch ever closer to the 2048 tile. It's easy to start playing this Android game, with simple swipes and directional controls that are tailor-made for tablets, smartphones and mobile devices.

If you're playing to win big, there's plenty of refined features to help preserve your high scores and keep your success saved. Never lose an accolade or score thanks to auto-saving, and take to the leader boards once you've finished up a round to see how you've fared. The game doesn't end once you've reached the final tile either. Keep playing to see your score sky-rocket even further.

If you're new to the game and still polishing up your strategy, it's easy to take it slow when you play. If you've made a wrong turn, enjoy 1-step undo cheats to help reorient yourself, or simply start over at any point to pick up from scratch. Beautifully simple and incredibly user-friendly, this is bound to become a firm favourite of your app collection, and is the perfect way of keeping your grey matter trained when you've got a few moments of downtime.

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